Sahakar Maharshi Padmashri Shamraoji Kadam Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Center,Hudco,Nanded 

College Student Council

a. Dean/Principal-(Chairman) Dr.S.N.Patil
b. One Teacher,Nominated by the Dean/Principal Dr.Miss Bacheware R.V.
c. Program Officer of NSS(if availble) Dr.S.A. Basu
d. Director Sports/Physical Education Instructor Dr.R.D. Hazari


e. Officer Incharge of cultural activities Dr.M.P.Kulkarni
f. One student of each of class(UG/PG) i)1st Yr Mr.Shinde Sachin

ii)2nd Yr Mr.Wakode Sainath

iii)3rd Yr Mr.Rahul Kathle

iv)Final: Miss.Binge Anuja

v)InterL.Miss.Anjum Nargis

g. One Student nomainated by the Dean/Principal ,Who has shown

Outstanding performance, from following activities:


ii)National Service Scheme

iii)National Cadre Crops

iv)Cultural Actities

v)Research or other extra curricular actives.

Activity Name of Student Year
i)Sports Mr.Bhosle R IVth
ii)NSS Mr.Chatrakar M. IVth
iii)NCC ---- ---
iv)Cultural Miss.Binge Anuja IVth
h. Two Lady student Nomainated by the Dean/Principal, who have shown outstanding performance,in sports NSS,NCC, and Cultural activites. i) Miss.Gaderkar  IIIrd

ii) Miss. Mayuri Jadhav IInd

Provided,the two of the students from clauses(g)and (h) shall be those belonging Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes,Vimukta Jatis, Nomadic Tribes or other classes.
Name of the Student secretary

Elected from amongst student members, other than Mr.Kale Sanjay

The students of first year, internees and PG.